Parent Testimonials


“Thank you for all the love and care you have shown my daughter over the past two years. We feel so lucky to have found somewhere that has allowed both of our children to grow and develop in such a positive environment. She loves Star and although she is excited about her next adventure we know she will miss all her special teachers next year. As a parent it is so special to be able to come in and talk to any of you about her day and leave feeling like she had been seen and valued during that day. Thank you.”

Anna Fitchett

“When choosing a childcare centre for my son I was quite particular about what I wanted (the joys of being a teacher myself!). I looked around a few other centres yet nothing compared to what you guys could offer. Your focus to ‘respect’ the children was the first thing I noticed. With him being so young I needed to know that while he was in someone elses care they were going to keep him safe, allow him to grow into his own wee personality and also to help him feel loved and secure at all times. You have all shown those qualities each day he has been at Star and it is great to know that on the drive home I have a happy wee boy that will settle at night and ‘carry on as usual’.

I love the culture you have created at Star. At home I like to keep things calm and positive and that is exactly what I feel you all do at Star. The space for the little babies is a safe place and I can trust that he is away from the bigger children yet still a part of the group. It’s awesome!

Thank you also for showing an interest in Te Reo and appreciating that we want to incorporate this into his life. It is so great that you have all recognised this as important to us and want to do your part!”

The Shepards

“As a single parent with a young son, making the choice to return to teaching full-time was a difficult choice. When I came across Star Early Learning I was immediately impressed. The environment is welcoming and well kept. The indoor space has a homely feeling to it and the outdoor area is spacious enough for many different activities. The centre is well resourced with everything a young child could want to explore, learn and grow. Star’s biggest asset however is their staff. Melissa and the team are amazing. They are understanding, caring and passionate about every child. They take on board children’s interests and cater for these. They developed a wonderful rapport with my son and I cannot thank them enough for allowing him to see, learn and experience so many new things during his time at Star.”

Casey Adams

“When we enrolled our son at Star 2 years ago he was just a baby – not even crawling!! The Staff at Star have supported him through the infant stages, allowing him to grow into the cheeky, considerate, fun and caring little boy he is now. Thank you for making his first preschool experience so easy, we have appreciated the flexibility, the welcoming atmosphere and genuinely compassionate staff more than you know.”

The Rolfe's

“There is so much our family enjoy about Star but I think first and foremost is the culture that has been created. The culture is so REAL and welcoming. Whether its making my son a lemon/honey drink when he is sick, allowing him to bring carrots for Eddie rabbit or letting us borrow a Star blanket for the night”

Rebekah Shepard

“I love how genuinely caring and helpful all the teachers are. I love the fact that I can drop my daughter off in the morning and not have to worry about her because she is in such good hands”
“I feel I can always approach any of the teachers about any concerns/questions I might have. All of the teachers seem to really listen to what you say and will do anything they can to help”

Pip Lee

“We always feel welcome and part of the team. We are always welcomed on arrival and feel that the staff have a genuine interest in my child and our family”

Chrissy Naughton

“Stars philosophy is evident in the way the teachers speak to the children that makes them feel valued and respected. I like they way they are offered choices throughout their day. I also like how there is no pressure to do ‘mile stones’ at a certain time. The children feel free to learn at their own pace and parents don’t feel the need to jusify why they might not yet be doing something”

Chrissie Jeffery

“The first thing I noticed when my child was new at Star was the calm atmosphere with all the children. The teachers speak to all the children very calmly so even when you have come from a stressful work environment it felt relaxing to pick him up as he was calm and happy too”

Helen Chittenden

“Star’s respectful environment is evident through the genuine, trusting interactions we observe and are involved in. Key teacher roles facilitate children to become secure. These words come to mind when I think of your philosophy: respect, peace, nurturing, unobtrusive, facilitating, unhurried. I have never once seen a child rushed. The chidlren engage in the environment with so much confidence. Teachers appear comfortable to observe and facilitiate chidlren with no need to interrupt or direct childrens learning”

Emma Frew-Tobaiwa

“The teacher’s have constantly shown my child, care, love and attention throughout her time at Star. We really appreciated them taking the time to get to know her as an individual. We have also learnt a lot about our daughter and her abilities throughout her learning journey. We are proud of how she has grown into a confident young girl and thank you all for the support and encouragement, which has enabled her to make this leap. She is now well prepared and ready for the next stage of her journey.”

Cushla Laufkotter

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