We have a range of policies and have selected small snippets from what we think will be most valuable for parents/caregivers. You will find the full policy folder, located by the sign in desk if you wish to review these further.

Developing children’s social competence

At Star Early Learning we believe that developing children’s social competence should be a positive and nurturing experience and that individual needs of the children must be taken into account. It is important that the boundaries of acceptable behaviour are made clear and consistent so that they can feel secure and happy in their environment.

Illness and infectious diseases

At Star Early Learning we aim to provide an environment where your child’s health is a priority. It is under the discretion of the individual’s parent/caregiver to decide if their child is well enough to attend, however if the child is or becomes unwell at Star and they can no longer happily participate in the programme, the child’s parent/caregiver will be contacted and requested to collect the child. If a child/adult has had been unwell with a contagious illness they must not return to the centre until cleared, although a 48 hour period is essential for tummy bugs, conjunctivitis and other infectious diseases.

Hours/ Holidays

Star Early Learning is open:

Monday to Friday 7.45am—5.15pm.

Our programme requires a minimum of 6 hours per child per day, with a minimum of 2 days per week – the times can be flexible. We have this requirement to ensure children’s wellbeing and sense of belonging within the centreEvidence and research shows that children need consistency and predictability to ensure they understand the rituals and routines of the day and authentic relationships to ensure a sense of wellbeing. We have found that with non-consistent and shorter session times children often develop these relationships over a much longer period and at times have a feeling of separation anxiety without the understanding of the routines taking place throughout the day.  

Sleep Policy

  • Children will be put to bed by their primary caregiver where practicable.
  • No child will have access to fluids or food while in bed, including bottles.
  • Routines are flexible to meet the individual sleep needs of children in consultation with parents. When needed children are able to bring comfort items from home.
  • In keeping to the individual sleep needs of children, we do not wake children from sleep but allow them to wake naturally when possible.

Sun safety

We aim to ensure all children and staff are protected from the harmful effects of excessive ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun. It is the parent’s responsibility to apply sunscreen before their child comes to Star and to provide a suitable named sunhat for their time here. We will reapply sunscreen when required and encourage the children to wear their hat while outside. We will also use shade sails in terms 1 and 4 to provide suitable shaded areas.

Other Information

For any of the following information, please see Melissa in the office:

  • information concerning you child
  • the service’s operational documents
  • the most recent ERO report regarding the service
  • how parents can be involved in the service
  • the amount and details of the expenditure of any Ministry of Education funding received by the service
  • any planned reviews and consultation

For more information, please contact us.

If you are interested, send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!